Crazy Girl Was Twerking On Road; Her Dance Distracted Man Riding Bike & His Bike Crashed!

A crazy girl’s twerking and silly dance moves on a road distracted two drivers which led to a horrible accident, leaving a biker with severe fractures. The viral video shows how her twerking diverted the attention of a biker and his bike collided with a car.

It appears that the video has been shot on a mobile and the accident is alleged to have occurred in Ukraine. The girl started with dancing and later, she got more excited and began to twerk which resulted in a head-on crash.

All of a sudden, the biker hit the headfirst with the car which was turning towards left after which he was in the air. The man has suffered an open fracture of the leg as well as fracture of the pelvis.

Watch The Video:

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The video had an abrupt ending and we don’t have much idea as to what happened afterwards.

Wasn’t it stupid on the part of the girl to dance on a road despite knowing that road accidents are so common? Share your opinion in this connection in the comments section below.

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