People Thrashed Sonam Kapoor For Wrong National Anthem! Was It Actually Her Mistake?

Sonam Kapoor is quite open-minded and always speaks her mind out. Often, she has been a victim of harsh trolls but she never takes them negatively. Today, once again fiery tweets started pouring in because Sonam goofed up with the national anthem. Do you think social media users were going to take it lightly?

Well, the actress had written a column for Hindustan Times revolving around the subject “Trolls”, but people just focused on one stanza and circulated it over the internet.

Check out what was written in her column;

“I’m a proud Indian. I love my country but for some of you — and you’re the bigots, not me — I become ‘anti-national’ only because I ask questions or choose to be critical. Listen to the national anthem one more time. Recall the line you heard as kids, ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai…’”.

Yes, social media users quickly judged that Sonam Kapoor didn’t know the national anthem. This is because the words Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Issai don’t appear in the anthem; but did they notice that there was a full stop after the national anthem line. This means people have unnecessarily connected both the lines and made an issue out of it.

Here’s the original stanza from Hindustan Times!

You decide who is right; were both these lines separate or were these lines in continuation?

Twitter was filled with insulting tweets even though Sonam wasn’t at fault.

They are part of Raj Kapoor song!

Another dumb beauty!

Which country’s anthem is she talking about?

Learn it first!

Thanks for the eye-opener!

And one more!

Anil Kapoor’s reaction!

Heights of wisdom!

Sonam Kapoor’s version!

What do you think about this guys? Shouldn’t people read things patiently and then judge someone? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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