Man Tried To Troll Samsung By Talking About Private Organ! Samsung Trolled Him Back Hilariously

A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz roasted a guy who asked for a free new car on Twitter and now Samsung too has joined it, as the multinational company recently trolled a man in the most hilarious and satirical way.

Subsequent to releasing Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, the company asked people for showing the first ever pic they clicked with their new device on Twitter. The tweet read, “Got your hands on the Galaxy S8? Show us the first photo you took.”

A user tried to give it a hilarious turn and tweeted, “It was a d*ck pic”

Now it was Samsung’s turn and you won’t believe how it responded! It just sent an emoji of a microscope and trust me, there could be no better reply! The microscope emoji suggests that the man’s d*ck is so small that they needed a microscope to see it! Bang on Samsung!

Even the man took it sportingly and tweeted, Samsung just roasted me

These kinds of incidents prove that such big firms are not behind when it comes to giving back to people who message them on social media with the intent of ridiculing! As far as this banter is concerned, it’s definitely won by Samsung!!

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