Are you a coffee addict? 10 ways to kill the addiction

Are you a coffee addict? 10 ways to quit your coffee addiction

Did you know that your favourite cup of cappuccino or cafe latte can be a silent killer? Even for that matter, cups of the strong caffeinated drink you often have at workplace can also pose a threat to your health. Yes, coffee helps lower the risk of depression, protects against Parkinson’s disease, increases fibre intake, lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes, to name a few. However, one of the world’s most popular and favourite beverages when consumed in excess, is capable of damaging your health.

Are you a coffee addict? 10 ways to quit your coffee addiction

Here are 10 best ways that will help you come out of coffee addiction:

1. Substitute with other healthy drinks: There are loads of healthy alternatives to coffee. Substitute the caffeinated drink with lime water, fresh fruit juice, lemon tea or green tea. Milky drinks like almond milk, vanilla milkshake or hot chocolate are amazing alternatives to coffee. Remember, green tea also contains caffeine, so limit its intake to maximum three glasses a day.

2. Take a power nap post lunch: The post lunch fatigue is a common issue, especially for those who spend their afternoons at work. Try to ditch the drink by a sweet nap to kill your fatigue.

3. Limit visit to cafes: There are many alternatives to a cafe. In case you do not wish to have a full course meal in a restaurant, opt for appetizers or small meals like sandwiches, pastas or burgers. Instead of cafes, explore eateries that specialize in desserts and mocktails.

4. Take small and frequent meals: Many of you may have this habit of killing your hunger with a cup of cappuccino. Replace the deadly habit by small meals and a healthy desktop diet. Increase frequency of food intake but restrict it to small portions. This will keep you satiated and restrict from frequent caffeine intake.

5. Drink water to stay hydrated: Switch to plain water or sparkling water, because it is the best and healthiest way to quit caffeine intake. Adequate water intake helps internal organs to detox and keep the body hydrated for a longer duration.

6. Keep a check on daily coffee intake: This is the best way to curb coffee consumption. Try to keep a count on how many cups of coffee you drink in a day. Accordingly, reduce the number of cups to stay away from caffeine related diseases.

7. Party without coffee: Let’s meet over a cup of coffee’.. This is the common phrase we use while planning an outing with friends. But is this caffeine coated sugary milky drink the only beverage over which you can socialize? Try out some other healthy drinks like lemon tea, herbal tea, chai latte or smoothies. Hold on! Do not encourage the waiter to serve tea bags. Instead request for fresh tea leaves or herbal tea because such elements are caffeine-free.

8. Try pain relief balms or peppermint to kill headache: For many, the biggest medicine to headache is a cuppa. Replace the ‘coffee headache’ with peppermint-scented lotions, peppermint candies, peppermint chewing gums or simple peppermint tea. The taste and aroma of peppermint not only reduces the headache but also kills your coffee craving. Finally, medicated pain relief balms are there to soothe the pain.

9. Replace regular coffee with decaf: If you crush coffee beans at home on a regular basis, then try to mix half decaf beans with regular ones. This will balance the caffeine intake.

10. Stay away from the aroma of coffee cups: Smell of coffee cups, especially used cups kept for long hours is very enticing. This may compel you for a cuppa even if you do not wish. Impulsive drinking may gradually increase caffeine intake and pose a threat to the body’s metabolism. So, do not get swayed away by the strong aroma of a cup of latte, cappuccino, or mocha.

Are you a coffee addict? 10 ways to quit your coffee addiction

Binge drinking coffee is not good for health. Try not to be a coffee addict, but there is no harm in seldom drinking the beverage. As coffee is tasty and healthy, do tantalize your taste buds with the drink while keeping in mind your ‘mantra’ for good health.


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