KRK Insulted Farmers & Called Himself A Brand! Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling Him

There is no denying the fact that Kamaal Rashid Khan is one of those people for whom it can be said that “Luck Does Matter”, because everybody knows what type of an actor he is. Talking about his style of speaking, it is better not to listen to him if you are with family. What’s more, insulting everyone is his hobby. Agree? Despite the fact that there are many talented and intelligent people in the world, a person like him has a lot more than what he actually deserves and obviously, he is a happy man, at least he says so.


However, it may be a question for others as to how KRK can be so happy or some might have even asked him the secret. KRK took to Twitter to tell people the cause of his happiness and at the same time, he didn’t fail to brag about himself, as he usually does. But this time, he has gone too far by calling himself #TheBrandKRK.

He tweeted, “Many ppl ask me, why do I remain so happy all the time? My reply- Because today, I have everything more than my expectations.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “I could have been a farmer n committed suicide like thousands of others but today I am #TheBrandKRK. So what more do I need to remain happy.”

These tweets obviously didn’t go down well with Twitterati who started trolling him mercilessly and brutally! Here are few selected ones:

Epic insult:

Is this what he has?


Finally we got the reason:


Twitter users didn’t like his statement about farmers and thrashed him in harsh words:

Trolled awfully for using so-called “brand” word:

A jibe at his movie, “Deshdrohi”:

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