Historic Decision Taken! Women Need Not Change Their Surnames On Passports After Marriage!

PM Modi keeps taking favorable decisions for citizens of India; today, he has offered a small yet a very powerful gift to women of our country.

Today, in a major announcement, the Prime Minister stated that it is not compulsory for women to change their names on passports after marriage; maiden names can be used too.

Here’s the screenshot from the official passport website; it says while applying for a passport for kids, the mother’s passport should compulsorily have her husband’s name.

Modi government wants to give priority to women in all its schemes and hence this historic decision. In short, our PM is against the patriarchal society; while addressing Indian Merchants Chambers’ ladies wing through a video conference, the PM said,

“Women don’t have to submit marriage/divorce certificate for passport. It will be their discretion to use father/mother’s name in passport.”

Here’s the official tweet;

Modi is definitely bringing about a betterment in the society with such changes, agree? Earlier too, he took some great decisions for women like extension of maternity leaves and transfer of Rs 6,000 for delivery in hospitals.

Announcements like this will contribute a lot towards women empowerment. What are your views on this? Share it with us in our comments section below.

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