Finally Exams Are Over & This Brilliant Video Depicts How Different Types Of Students React After It

Examinations must have been over in maximum schools now and it’s the time of summer vacations, the most amusing period for which students wait throughout the year.

Quite naturally, they plan to do a number of things during this time but as we all know, only few plans turn into reality. You must have met various types of students who have different reactions after exams and we bet that nothing can better describe it than this video!

This hilarious video by Funk You has perfectly captured a variety of reactions, from carefree to the one highly stressed about results, from those planning for the future to the ones enjoying their sleep, from travel planners to shopaholics, from party animals to social media buffs. Each student can relate to it for sure and it won’t be wrong to call it one of the best videos over the topic!

Must Watch The Awesome Video:

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