Young dancers from Terence Lewis" troupe will help you explore your inner self

Terence Lewis
Terence Lewis

How do you define a spontaneous combustion of physical and emotional bodies on stage, trapped in an unpredictable spell of dance and theatre that provokes, and dares to bare the unspeakable truth within? That’s what Paara’s Kamshet Project: The Beauty Within The Beast at the Jugnee Dance festival hopes to unveil. “It is a cutting-edge performance that involves both contemporary dance and theatre and looks at the darker side of human nature, and the various emotions that are suppressed, deep inside. The title comes from the place where our initial brain-storming took place. An arts residency space on Kamshet lake, near Mumbai,” says choreographer Terence Lewis.

Nine young dancers from Lewis’s troupe will delve deep within their own psyches and emote their suppressed feelings through dance.

“The idea is to explore and unlock the truth behind the masks we have created for ourselves. In each of our personalities and identities there are three aspects — The higher self, which we aspire to be or think we are, and project to the world consciously. Second, the base self, which is the animal that we identify with, that is our coping mechanism in existential moments and third, the painful and pleasurable memories of the childhood that shape our unconscious behaviour.” David Zombrano, who has mentored the project, says, “It is the mix of different tongues of different cultures that interests me. I am working with these talented dancers that Lewis has selected to bring more Indian-ness out from their bodies.”

WHEN: April 30, 7.30 pm
WHERE: St Andrews Auditorium, 55, Saint Domnic Road, Bandra West
ENTRY: Rs 300 – Rs 1,200


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