Jessica Chastain believes in researching well for her movies

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

Anyone who has seen Jessica Chastain and her work knows that she is equally stunning an actress as she is beautiful. But the Academy Award winner this time has gone to lengths to portray her character in her upcoming film, The Zookeeper’s Wife – so much so that she visited the location the film is based on, to get all her facts right!

Set in late 1930s, The Zookeeper’s Wife tells the real-life story of Antonina Zabinski, while she struggles to save lives of 300 Jews from the wrath of Nazis during German invasion of Poland. Antonina and her husband Jan Zabinski secretly sheltered Jews, escaping the doomed Warsaw Ghetto, in the Zoo which once contained animals but had been shut down during the German occupation.

And Jessica, just to get her portrayal of Antonina perfect, visited the Warsaw Zoo, so that she can get an idea of how the Antonina’s life and struggle would have been in that time!

Jessica says, “Here was an incredible arc for an actress to play. I wanted to portray Antonina because I love the compassion she exemplified and the heroism in that compassion. I also responded to the character trait in the script of how she read energy in people and also in animals. She had to be wary yet confident.”

Experience this war drama, ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ in the theaters’ near you on 21st April, 2017.

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