This Girl Highlights Different Types Of People In Mall & You’ll Surely Relate To The Video!

Everyone loves going to the malls; while some go there for some real shopping, there are some who visit malls just to kill time and do some window shopping.

Gone are those days when people used to visit “Weekly Bazaars” to buy something; now, these swanky and sophisticated malls have replaced them and people prefer going there instead of roaming outside in the scorching heat.

When you go to a mall, you find various types of people there, right? Friend gangs have a blast by clicking selfies and hogging junk food, while children enjoy their favorite play zone. On the other hand, teenagers come there with the aim of shopping and meeting their love.

Rickshawali has come up with an awesome video which highlights different types of people coming to malls; I am sure you can relate to it. Watch the video below!

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