Sunil Grover Supports Sonu Nigam In The “Azaan” Controversy With A Meaningful Tweet!

Sonu Nigam’s tweets about the sound of morning Azaan have not only created uproar on social media but have put him in some other troubles too; today, an FIR has been filed against him, thereby worsening the situations further.

Bollywood remains divided on this issue; some are of the opinion that Sonu is right in voicing his opinion against loudspeakers, while some think that he shouldn’t have spoken against the Muslim community.

Yesterday, Sonu gave clarifications on this issue but still he had to face the anger; he wrote that he was just against the inconvenience caused due to loudspeakers and not against any religion.

There are many celebrities who have supported his views, Sunil Grover being one of them. The ace comedian came out in support of the singer and left a meaningful tweet.

Here’s what he tweeted…

His tweet read, “I know @sonunigam sir he won’t hurt anyone’s religious sentiments ever. He respects all.Lets not misinterpret n give it a religious tinge.”

Sunil requested people to not misinterpret him or give his statements a “Religious” angle; we really need sensible people like him who try to sort out issues rather than adding to the troubles.

Many people agreed with Sunil Grover and tweeted…

You are right paaji!

We must support Sonu Nigam!

Proud of you!

He’s right!

That’s good!

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