Chandra Nandini 20th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Chandra Nandini 20th April 2017 Written Episode 

the episode starts with Helena with Bindusara in the horse cart and doctor too. As Bindusara cries, Helena says how will he stay quiet and what has happened to him? Doctor says don’t know but this time is crucial for him and he is in danger. Helena thinks I have to bear with you Bindusara and all this trouble, I wanted you dead in your mother’s stomach but now its you here.

There nandini gets in her hut and says where is the baby and where is Bhabhi? Nandini picks the letter and reads it and says why did you take the baby out Bhabhi? The weather is so dangerous. Nandini goes.
Chandra has taken a halt and in the hut doctor is there with Helena and women servants. Helena tries pacifying Bindusara and doctor gives him medicinal herbs. Bindusara still cries and Chandra comes in. He says
do something. Doctor says he has heated up now and this time is crucial for him, we are trying everything. Chandra scolds and says you dare say that and do whatever it takes to protect my son.

Chandra goes out crying and looks at the sky, he says god why are you doing this to me? First my wife durdhara and then I don’t have nandini’s love too and now my son Bindusara is in trouble and his life is in danger. God please help me, please make my son safe and his health proper. Chandra sits down and cries. There on a horse, someone comes. A soldier comes and tells Chandra that, see king someone is coming. 

Chandra says who is that? soldier says maybe your prayers to god are accepted and he has sent someone for your sons help. The horse stops and its nandini. She gets down and removes her dupatta from her face. Chandra says why are you here? Nandini says I have come for Bindusara. Chandra says you cannot go inside. Nandini says you can steal anything from me but not the right of a mother and I am going to meet him. Nandini goes.
Inside the hut, nandini comes and takes Bindusara. Helena says what are you doing here? Nandini tells doctor to give her the medicine she made in the palace, doctor gives and nandini tells servants to arrange hot water. The hot water is arranged. Helena says why are you here? Whom did you ask before coming here? Nandini says a mother needs only her heart’s permission to meet her son. Nandini and the servants and doctor help and nandini then brushes bindusaras head and gives him medicine, she uses hot water and pacifies Bindusara.

Outside Chandra sits and cries and says god I have only 1 son and don’t let anything happen to bindusara, he is my life and I cannot live without Bindusara. Helena comes out as it rains and says Chandra its okay and Bindusara will be fine, Chandra tells Helena to go as he wants to be alone.
Next morning Chandra gets up and is sleeping on the ground outside the tents. Chandra says where is Bindusara and runs into the tent. Inside Bindusara is with nandini and he is quiet and fine. Chandra comes and nandini says a child always needs a mother’s heart near him and he gets quiet. Chandra takes Bindusara and says nandini life has given you another chance but I wont let you anywhere near my son and put his life to risk. 

Nandini says I will come to Magadha for Bindusara and you cannot stop me, he needs me. Chandra says okay but if you do anything to my son, believe me I wont leave you. nandini takes Bindusara.
There Helena tells Chandra they cannot take nandini with them. Helena thinks I have taken a lot of hard work to remove nandini and durdhara from my path I wont let her come back. Chandra says Bindusara needs nandini and I will take all possible protections for Bindusara when nandini is with him. Helena thinks he is not going to change his mind. Helena tells okay Chandra but we have to change her name to Chandrika and if she is going to stay in the palace, at all times she will be covered from her face because you know if the people see nandini then there will be chaos and the people are children to their king so you need to take care of them.

Precap: nandini tells Helena tell her king that I am ready to come to Magadha. As everyone are at the palace door to welcome Chandra and Helena, Helena says this is chandra’s nanny from now. Nandini is covered from face. Helena says she helped us at our halt too. Grandmother asks what is your name? Helena interrupts and says her name is Chandrika and she cannot talk.


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