Zachary Quinto mourns pet dog"s death

Los Angeles: Actor Zachary Quinto has been left devastated by the death of his “true prince”, his beloved pet dog Noah.

The 39-year-old “Star Trek” actor paid a heartbreaking tribute to Noah, in which he told how the pooch made him a better person and thanked his canine companion for always being by his side.

He wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of himself and Noah: “Anyone who has ever truly known me in the last 14 years has known this true prince. Noah has been by my side through up and down. Thick and thin. Feast and famine. In loving him I learned to love myself more fully. He taught me compassion and patience and generosity… and oh how he made me laugh.

“He made friends wherever he went. His spirit was pure. His love was legend. I am a better person for having had him in my life. But tonight we had to let him go. Surrounded by love he went to sleep and may he forever rest in peace (sic).”


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