Divyanka Tripathi Tweets In Favor Of Sonu Nigam! She Has A Short Yet Meaningful Message!

Debates surrounding Sonu Nigam’s thoughts on Azaan don’t seem to end. Even though he gave a perfect response to the Maulvi, who issued a fatwa against him, people are still criticizing him.

Sonu justified himself with many tweets, but they seem to be of no use. Many celebrities gave their opinions on this matter; some were positive, but some were way too negative, just like Mika Singh, who asked Sonu to change his home if the sound of loudspeakers was annoying him.

We also saw how Sunil Grover supported the singer by requesting people to not hype the matter unnecessarily under the name of ‘Religion’. Grover also added that he was sure about Sonu having no wrong intentions.

Now we have Divyanka Tripathi, the famous “Yeh Hain Mohhabatein” actress, who’s come to the rescue of Sonu Nigam after seeing how he has fallen prey to trolls on Twitter.

Here’s what she tweeted…

Her tweet read, “Moderation of speaker is important for all. Equal regulations needed for temples, mosques, gurudwaras & churches. #CivicIssue not #Religious.”

Divyanka was very clear about the matter; she openly stated that the issue of loudspeakers is a “Civic” one and not “Religious” one.

Soon, she started getting favorable responses from Twitter users; check out their reactions…

You always stand for truth!

I agree!

Don’t ever change!

Really good for humanity!

Divyanka’s tweet makes sense and is quite practical. What do you think about this? Share your views with us in our comments section below.

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