Teacher Slapped Student & Student Slapped Teacher Back But Wait, It Didn’t End Here

In Indian culture, the post of a teacher is highly respected and he/she is considered next to God. That’s why, it’s said that without a teacher’s blessings, gaining knowledge is very difficult. However, the recent incident which took place in China disgraced the valued relation of a student and a teacher.

A video is going viral in which a teacher can be seen scolding a female student for her bad behavior, as per reports, but the student was so obstinate that instead of being sorry for her mistake, she provoked the teacher to hit her by pointing at her face again and again. The teacher controlled herself initially but shortly when her patience ended, she slapped the student. In return, the student also slapped the teacher which came as a rude shock to all and sundry. Soon, it took such an ugly turn that they both indulged in a brawl after which other students had to come to handle the situation.

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The video was originally posted on Weibo, a social networking site of China, and it’s not certain as to where in the country this shameful incident was captured.

Naturally, this is something we’ll never want to see happening, do we? This video has shaken social media users and there are many who have condemned the student but at the same time, some people are of the opinion that the teacher was wrong too! Well, we can’t understand the language used in the video and only the one who knows this language can better tell what their heated conversation is all about!

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