Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Gagan threatens Aadi to take Roshni to Bhalla house

Gagan makes Aadi (Abhishek Verma) talk to Raman (Karan Patel) on phone. Raman and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) ask her if he is fine and why didn’t he come to Delhi. He tells them that he is fine and is still in Khandpur. They ask him to finish all the work and return to Delhi as soon as possible. He tells Roshni that he will leave for Delhi in a few days and will never look back as he doesn’t consider this forced-marriage, marriage. She tries to tell him something but he shuts her up.

Shagun orders Aaliya’s wedding lehenga and calls everyone to see it. Ishita says they will pay for it as the bride’s wedding outfit comes from the groom’s family. Shagun tells them it’s for 2.5 lakhs. Ishita says the price is appropriate. Ruhi asks her to pose with it and says she will send a picture to Aadi. Aaliya refuses and says it’s a surprise for him. Ishita agrees and asks them not to distract him as it’s an important day for him.

Next morning, Aadi wakes up and gets furious to see Roshni in a red saaree. Gagan comes there and threatens him to accept her as his wedded wife. Aadi says he has to go to work. Gagan tells him that they have already finished his order and have also sent it to the client. He tells him that despite of him killing his brother, they let his parents go back to Delhi and even finished his consignment. Aadi says he doesn’t consider him as his wife and he wants to go back to Delhi. Gagan asks him to take her along otherwise his family will get into trouble. Aadi complies. Roshni’s family bids her a teary farewell. Aadi takes her along.

Aadi tells Mihika that she is surprised that Ishita accepted Aaliya’s bridal lehenga so easily. Ishita comes there and tells them that it’s just for 2.5 lakhs. Ruhi and Mihika check on the website and tell her that the actual price of the lehenga is 15 lakhs. She goes and scolds Shagun for buying such an expensive outfit for a single day. Shagun gets angry on Ishita for lecturing her. Ishita asks why is she making this a competition of who spends more on the wedding. She reminds her that she always wanted a simple wedding. Shagun gets upset and asks her why does she keep rejecting her selected items. Everyone from the family gathers around them.

Ishita tells Shagun that Raman could have also bought a 15-lakh outfit but it’s not about that. She tells her that she shouldn’t have lied and there should be clarity between two families. Shagun says she knows Ishita is a control freak and she always wants everything to happen her way. She says she has been insulted and leaves. Mani and Aaliya try to calm her down but she doesn’t listen to them. 


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