Dil Bole Oberoi : Kaali Thakur and Svetlana share a past

Dil Bole Oberoi starts with Kaali Thakur(Rahul Dev) making Svetlana (Reyhna Sharma) very nervous. Svetlana asks Tej (Mahesh Thakur) who this man is and Tej tells her he is here to find something important that he has lost. Svetlana nervously walks away to her room and remembers how her old self was once Kaali Thakur’s obsession. He was about to marry her and she had run away. Now Svetlana in her real form thinks how to get rid of Kaali Thakur.

On the other hand Gauri in Chulbul’s (Shrenu Parikh) attire is aware that Kaali Thakur is here only for her. She gets sad realising this. Svetlana plans to get rid of Kaali Thakur as he would prove a hindrance for her plan now. Kaali Thakur confronts Omkara(Kunal Jaisingh) and tells him to hand over Gauri to him and he would not worry his family anymore. Kaali Thakur tells him to enjoy the party thrown by his father for the deal between them. Omkara goes and asks Tej about the deal. Tej taunts Omkara and says this is his key out of the unwanted relationship he has with Om’s mother. Tej says as Jahnvi (Mreenal Deshraj) has demanded money for her freedom then he would give it to her.(Also Read: Svetlana gets nervous meeting Kaali at the party)

Kaali Thakur hears this and understands that Jahnvi is Omkara’s weakness. He decides to check this and looks around for Jahnvi. Meanwhile Omkara is alone and brooding in his room. Chulbul vows to never let Kaali Thakur harm Omkara’s family.

Chulbul reaches Omkara and says that verything will be fine, though she reminisces Omkara telling that he hates the girl Gauri. Omkara says that his mother is his world and he cannot let this happen to her. He says once the deal is done Svetlana will run to Tej and Tej will divorce Jahnvi. Chulbul reasons with Omkara and tells him that when Jahnvi has a son like Om she can never be alone. Omkara hugs Chulbul and says that there is some connection between them because whenever they are together he never feels lonely.

Chulbul happily flips her hair and Omkara notices sindoor on her forehead. Omkara questions Chulbul. She remembers Jahnvi making her apply sindoor. She lies that the sindoor accidentally came on her forehead when she had a lovey dovey moment with her wife who came to meet her .Omkara is not convinced and she demonstrates it to Omkara by holding his face and striking her head lightly against his so that the sindoor gets applied on his forhead as well, they have a cute eyelock moment.

Kaali Thakur takes out a bottle with a liquid and searches for Jahnvi.

Precap: Kaali Thakur holds Jahnvi’s hand while she is trying to free herself. Omkara and Chulbul run to her. Omkara hit Kaali but Tej comes in between and holds him away. While Kaali looks on at them.



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