Sofia Vergara to voice flamenco dancer in "The Emoji Movie"

Sofia Vergara will be voicing the ‘flamenco dancer’ emoji in upcoming ‘The Emoji Movie’. Vergara shared an update about her new project on Instagram on Tuesday, reports

“Excited to be flamenco dancer in Emoji Movie,” the “Modern Family” star captioned a photograph of herself posing beside the animated character.

Her character is a take on the familiar dancing woman in the red dress emoji. In the film, the emoji sports a black dress and a clenches a red rose between her teeth. The film – backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment India – will be releasing in India on August 11.

Talking about her character, Vergara said: “I play the flamenco dancer. And she is always doing the flamenco. She does it in the morning when she gets up, she does it when she’s eating, she probably does it when she’s sleeping. It makes things like driving or putting on her makeup very difficult.”

“I thought it was a great adventure and who doesn’t like an emoji? I thought it was going to be a perfect role for me because people are always saying that I look like her,” she added.

Also starring T.J. Miller, James Corden and Anna Faris, “The Emoji Movie” aims to unlock world of emojis inside smartphone.

In the film, Vergara and her emoji friends live in the city of Textopolis. All the emojis in town have only one facial expression, except for Gene (voiced by Miller), who was born without a filter and boasts multiple expressions. Determined to fit in with his uni-emotional peers, Gene and his friends embark on an epic adventure through the apps on the smartphone in search of the code that will fix Gene.


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