Do You Know How Much Mallya Paid For Getting Bail In Just 3 Hours? You’ll Be Surprised!

News of Vijay Mallya’s arrest broke the internet today; legal process was initiated and everyone had hopes that soon, Mallya would be deported to India. Before this celebration mode could be turned on, UK court granted him bail. All this happened in just 3 hours, after which Mallya became a target of jokes on social media platforms.

People couldn’t get over his “Super-quick” bail, which is kind of impossible in India. Next hearing of this case is scheduled on the 17th of May.

Aren’t you wondering as to how much Mallya paid to be out on bail in just 3 hours? According to reports by BBC, the business tycoon paid a whopping 650,000 pounds i.e. Rs 5 crores 38 lakhs for this bail. Moreover, he was asked to surrender his passport and follow other legal procedures.

Don’t you think the amount is way too much? However, for a man who has defaulted on loan worth Rs 9,000 crores, Rs 5 crores shouldn’t be a big deal, agree?

According to Hiten Venegaonkar, ED lawyer,

“Mallya’s arrest was to secure his presence and the agency did not expect jail custody.”

However, Mallya was given bail on strict conditions;

1) Until 17th May (Next hearing) he will abide by the extradition rules of Britain. He can’t change the address that he has submitted to the court; in short, he isn’t allowed to move from there.

2) Last year, Mallya’s passport was revoked by the Indian government. As part of the procedure, he should surrender the same. Moreover, he is not allowed keep any international travel documents with him.

3) The court has ordered that Mallya must be in constant touch with UK authorities; his mobile phone should always be reachable.

Mallya left a series of tweets after being released; he displayed a cool and casual attitude. Check his tweets…

TOI reported that Mallya Paid 6,50,000 Pounds as bail bond while BBC reported that Mallya paid it for getting bail. We are not sure whether this was bail amount or it was bail bond but it’s surely an expensive deal

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News Source:- BBC

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