Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Update

Episode starts with Mahi beating up the goons. Mahi tells unconscious Shivaay that nothing will happen to Shivaay till Mahi is around. Shivaay becomes conscious and sees the blood on his shirt. Anika says duplicate SSO is not that bad.

Sometime back…. goons get into a deadly fight with Shivaay. Anika gets restless. A goon hits on Shivaay’s neck with a rod, Shivaay falls on the ground, unconscious. The goons tie up Shivaay to a chair. Mahi makes an entry on his bike and warns the goons to keep away from Shivaay. Mahi draws a line around Shivaay and warns the goons that not to cross the border. Mahi challenges the goons and beats them up. A goon removes a sword and tries to kill Shivaay, Mahi holds the sword with his hand, Mahi’s hand bleeds, his blood falls on Shivaay’s face and clothes.

Mahi beats the goons with a big rod. All the goons fall on the ground. Mahi goes to unconscious Shivaay and frees him and wipes off blood from Shivaay’s cheek. Mahi checks out Shivaay and gets emotional and tells Shivaay that till Mahi is there, Shivaay will not be in trouble. Mahi calls Rudra from Shivaay’s phone and calls him in Old Mill for pick up. Mahi walks off, Rudra comes. Rudra gets shocked to see Shivaay’s condition, Rudra picks up Shivaay and puts in the car.

Mahi watches Rudra from hiding. In Oberoi Mansion, Pinky checks on Shivaay as he comes back to consciousness. Worriedly, Pinky asks questions to Shivaay, but Shivaay asks for Anika. Shivaay calls Anika to sit close to him, Pinky feels hurt. As Anika walks towards Shivaay, Anika and Pinky exchange a look. Anika notices pain in Pinky’s eyes. Anika stops, Shivaay insists on Anika to sit. Pinky goes away to stand, Anika sits and helps Shivaay to sit. Shivaay asks Anika if she is fine. Anika tells Shivaay that he is hurt, Shivaay tells Anika that she is hurt too. Anika says she is fine, Shivaay says then he is fine too, Pinky feels hurt. Shivaay wonders how he reached there, Rudra says he got Shivaay home. Rudra tells Shivaay that Shivaay called him to Old Mill. 

Shivaay says he was unconscious after getting beaten up by the goons, he could not have called Rudra. Shivaay insists that he did not call Rudra. Shivaay notices the blood stains and gets confused about it. Mahi reaches home and finds it empty. Ranveer calls Mahi and tells him that be underground as there is the police are after him and Ranveer. Ranveer informs Mahi that Kamini has gone in hiding too. Mahi feels bad that Kamini left without even informing him. 

Rudra and Anika think that Duplicate SSO must have called from Shivaay’s phone. Mahi goes on his hill spot. Anika and Rudra think that duplicate SSO saves Shivaay’s life. Shivaay refuses to believe. Anika makes Shivaay realize that since Shivaay was unconscious duplicate SSO or the goons could have killed Shivaay easily, but then Shivaay is safe. Anika feels that duplicate SSO is not that bad. Mahi plays his Mouth Organ and cries. 

Shakti sides Shivaay and refuses to believe that duplicate SSO can save Shivaay. Anika says it is possible that duplicate SSO is good as he never did anything bad in Oberoi Mansion, never even came close to Anika. Pinky gets angry on Anika for siding duplicate Shivaay, Anika says duplicate SSO must have acted on someone’s instructions. Shivaay wonders why Mahi saved him.

Anika tells Sahil that she loves Shivaay but she doesn’t think Shivaay is in love with her. Anika fears that her relation with Shivaay will be over when Shivaay comes to know that Anika was raised in an orphanage.


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