Chandra Nandini: Nandini"s re-entrance in Maghadh made Rani Apama distracted

(Tanu Khan) scolded by Rani Apama (Sheeba Chaddha) for evil deed in Chandra Nandini

The most popular fiction drama Chandra Nandini will show some tear-jerker drama and interesting twist and turn in the story.

Chandra and Nandini are soon to unite in the show.

In the upcoming episode Helena asks Nandini to come along with her for Maghadh as Dayimaa for Bindusara.

Finally Chandra Nandini and Helena entered Maghadh.

Helena scolded by Rani Apama

Helena with excitement tells Rani Apama that Dayimaa Chandrika is none else but Nandini.

Rani Apama scolds Helena for her evil deed, Nandini’s re-entrance in the Maghadh made Rani Apama ill at ease as if their truth will expose then they will be thrown out of the Mahal by Chandra.

It would be enthralling to watch the next as to what will be Helena’s new evil trap?

Stick around with us for more exciting updates in the storyline.


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