Indians Won’t Tolerate This Insult! They Thrashed Snapchat’s CEO With Harsh Tweets!

Snapchat CEO’s statement about India made everyone furious. There were many reports about Evan Spiegel not being interested in expanding to Spain and India because they were “Poor” countries.

We aren’t sure about its authenticity because the statement didn’t come directly from the CEO but was included in the lawsuit filed by Anthony Pampliano, the ex-employee of Snapchat. Yes, Anthony stated that Spiegel had said so while discussing Snapchat’s growth in a company meeting.

Spiegel’s quote has annoyed everyone because last year, Snapchat enjoyed around 4 million users from India itself.

For Indians, this is a BIG insult. The statement “India is too poor for expansion” hasn’t gone down well with many. Social media is filled with angry comments and many people have even uninstalled the application.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted…

Boycott Snapchat!

Bas itne hi poor hain!

Who’s poor?

Ratings are affected too!

The fool is ignorant!

Don’t mess with Indians!

Aukad mein reh!


Mindset is very poor!

The ratings are sure to go down because several users have decided to give it 1 star. What do you have to say about this? Have you uninstalled the app? Share your views in our comments section below.

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