Who wants to be a superhero?

Ever wondered what makes superheroes fly or why do they all wear capes? Before you’ve dismissed them as fiction, you sure may have questioned what’s the science behind it all?

Well, now five to six-year-olds can explore it all through a workshop conducted by science enthusiast Joulyn Kenny from The Science Adventure, a group that runs science clubs in the city and regularly conducts field trips and workshops for methodical scientific learning. “We’ve set the age limit for the little ones to have fun while understanding the science behind superhero powers and the gadgets they use. With only 12 children per class, everyone gets hands-on learning,” explains Kenny, who herself was intrigued by superheroes films as a child and could relate to the way kids associate with them. “What better way to make children learn science than through what they love the most,” she adds.

Joulyn Kenny
Joulyn Kenny

The 90-minute session will include topics based on the idea that all superhero powers were inspired by scientific principles. It will be about learning what makes them travel against gravity, how magnets work, how they walk on water, what is weight and mass, and how they control the weather. Also, everyone gets to make their own gadgets and capes which they can take back home.

A similar workshop by the organisation was conducted in October last year where the children were shown videos and encouraged to do experiments on gravity, magnets and make their own capes and facemasks. “Children are always curious – they have a lot of questions about different superheroes and want logical reasons behind the science,” says Kenny. This workshop promises some answers.

WHERE: St Pauls Institute, Opposite Durelo Convent, Bandra West
entry: Rs 850
CALL: 9819288253


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