8 Unknown Facts About The Legend Charlie Chaplin! We Bet You’ll Be Surprised!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was Charlie Chaplin who introduced “Comedy” in films. Although he is no more, his name is still fresh in our minds; his life was complex but still, he never failed to bring a smile on our faces with his comic acts.

When we think of silent black and white films, we just can’t get over Charlie Chaplin, isn’t it? He has given us superb movies like “The Kid”, “The Great Dictator”, “City Lights”, “The Gold Rush”, “The Circus” and many more. He died in sleep at the age of 88 (1977); today is his 128th birthday and we are missing him a lot.

Charlie Chaplin’s real name is “Charles Spencer Chaplin”, did you know this? Just like this fact, we have some more unknown facts about the legend, which you’ll probably love to know.

Check them right now…

1. When he was 10, he joined a dancing troupe, “Eight Lancashire Lads”; this is when he realized that he loves acting.

2. At the age of 12, Charlie Chaplin lost his father. Even his mom was admitted to a mental asylum because she was suffering from a mental illness. Charlie had no option but to do something to feed himself.

3. Charlie said a “No” to U.S citizenship, due to which he was exiled from there in 1953. Then, he moved to Switzerland.

4. He married not once or twice, but 4 times!

5. When Charlie Chaplin was 73 years old, his youngest son was born.

6. Once, he participated in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike” contest and bagged the 3rd prize.

7. He was the 1st actor to appear on the Time Magazine cover. It was the July 1925 issue.

8. After he died, someone stole his dead body so that a good amount of money can be extorted from his family. It took 11 weeks to recover his body.

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