Ishqbaaz 24th April 2017 – Full Episode




Ishqbaaz 24th April 2017 Written Update 
Episode starts with Shivaay remembering Pinky’s words about Anika’s family background and family details. Shivaay also remembers Anika saving Shivaay from the bullet. Shivaay feels that he needs to choose amid his reputation and Anika.

Sometime back… Anika tries to find out Mahi’s residence by inquiring people, but no one answers Anika, she wonders why so. A kid then shows Mahi’s house to Anika. Anika enters the house and looks for Mahi, she sees no one. Suddenly, Mahi comes from behind and puts a knife on Anika’s throat. Anika pushes Mahi’s hand, Mahi gets shocked to see Anika and tries to talk like Shivaay. Anika says she knows that he is not Shivaay, she says she wants to know about Mahi.

Who forced Mahi to act like Shivaay. Anika says she could have got Mahi arrested but she did not as she feels he is not a bad man. Anika insists on knowing who is he, his name, and his truth. But before Mahi answers, he runs away from there, Anika follows him. Shivaay asks Pinky about the drama of asking Anika’s family details. Shakti sides Pinky. Shivaay gets angry, Pinky asks Shivaay to phone Anika to get the details. Mahi falls on a roadside seller’s cart, Anika takes a toy bat and warns Mahi to stop.

Anika warns Mahi to answer her questions without making more drama. Shivaay tries to call Anika, she doesn’t answer. Pinky feels Anika might have got to know that Guruji has come home and she must have run away due to embarrassment. Shivaay breaks his phone in anger and walks off. Pinky apologizes to Shivaay in her mind but feels that she must do this to throw an orphan Anika out of Shivaay’s life. Pinky feels she must use Shivaay’s weakness of Naam, Khoon, and Khandan to break his strength, Anika. Mahi tells Anika to forget everything and go back to her family. Anika insists on knowing who sent Mahi as Shivaay and why did he save Shivaay’s life. Someone calls Mahi by his name, Anika gets to know his name. Mahi deceives Anika by taking Shivaay’s name and runs away. Pinky tells Guruji to perform the Puja very next day, Shakti tries to stop Pinky. 
Pinky refuses to listen to Shakti and asks for the Puja to be done the next day. Pinky decides to destroy Shivaay and Anika’s relation during the Puja. Shivaay talks to Sahil and asks Sahil about Sahil and Anika’s family. Sahil says does Shivaay want to know Sahil’s details or Anika’s details. Shivaay thinks Sahil and Anika’s parents are same. Shivaay asks Sahil about his parents, Sahil answers. Shivaay asks Sahil about his father’s occupation and work. Shivaay gets shocked to know that Sahil’s father was soap seller. 

Anika returns, Sahil tells Anika that he had a man to man talk with Shivaay. Sahil tells Anika that Shivaay was asking about Sahil’s parents. Anika gets worried. Mahi thinks he should have been underground by now and worries about Anika finding his details. Mahi feels sad about his life and destiny. Mahi compares his life with Shivaay. Mahi gets emotional and cries. Shivaay remembers Pinky’s words and Anika’s action of saving Shivaay. Shivaay gets disturbed and thinks that he needs to make a choice amid his reputation and Anika.


Anika joins Shivaay for Kulgotra Puja, Dadi explains the Puja to Anika, Guruji asks Anika for her family details. Anika hesitates, Pinky instigates.


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