Jazz meets Baroque at this musical workshop in Lower Parel

Catch a musical workshop by the Symphony Orchestra of India that decodes two interesting genres

Members of the Symphony Orchestra of India at a rehearsal
Members of the Symphony Orchestra of India at a rehearsal

Jazz and Baroque music have been admired, but in different periods. They had a fair bit of uncanny similarities in terms of the art and its corresponding sound. After almost 100 years since Jazz’s inception, Western Classical music and artistic sounds from the Baroque era will be discussed at a workshop, conducted by the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI), later this week.

Jazz, which originated in 1917 from ragtime and variants of Blues, gradually gained popularity and found its presence in clubs. Baroque’s characteristics — filled with drama, tension and grandeur — seeped in around the late 1920s. Louis Armstrong, also known as Satch, is a sound of that epoch. Baroque depended heavily on strings while Jazz blended better with brass and instruments like a saxophone and a clarinet. Since Baroque orchestras overshadowed Jazz bands in size, the distinction became all the more palpable.

“It is an exchange programme between SOI and True School of Music (TSM). It is a knowledge-sharing concept,” said a TSM spokesperson. Members of SOI will run through the grammar of the repertoire, created by the confluence (Baroque and Jazz) while examining the parallel traditions between the eras.

ON: April 20, 7.30 pm
AT: True School of Music, 107, Sun Mill Compound, opposite Hanuman Temple, Lower Parel.
CALL: 66243200

Artiste Speak

Sanjay Divecha
Sanjay Divecha

Sanjay Divecha, Jazz artiste ‘When you are playing at such a concert, the music is already arranged. The orchestra musicians would be reading what is written on the sheet while the Jazz musicians, apart from reading the notes, would also improvise. Improvisation is a huge aspect of Jazz. The common thread between the two are Western harmonies, it comes from the classical composers of Europe.’


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