Salman Stops Press Conference For Azaan! Old Video Is Going Viral Amidst Sonu’s Controversies!

Sonu Nigam is receiving a lot of backlash from social media users over his Azaan comments. From negative posts to an FIR, Sonu had to bear it all. Today, in response to a Fatwa issued against him, Sonu Nigam shaved off his head on live TV.

Forget Sonu’s controversy; since morning, an old video of Salman Khan is going viral on the internet. People are circulating this video on social media because it highlights Salman’s attitude towards Azaan; they are using this video to diss Sonu Nigam.

The video was shot years back, during a press conference of Bigg Boss 8. In this clip, Raj Nayak, the CEO of Colors is speaking about Bigg Boss 8 and all of a sudden, Salman interrupts him as he hears the sound of Azaan.

As a respect for Azaan, Salman Khan didn’t mind stopping the press conference for a few minutes. Social media users are impressed with Salman for prioritizing Azaan.

Only after it stopped, the press conference continued!

Check out the video;

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