Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira rescues Luv and Kush from the kidnappers

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) gets shocked to not find Luv and Kush near the temple. The stranger takes them to an abandoned place and ties them up. He tells his parterns that they are from Goenka family. Karthik (Mohsin Khan) reaches the temple and gets worried not to find the kids there.

The kidnappers discuss where to take them next while Luv and Kush untie the knot. Karthik scolds Naira for leaving the building and asks her to come back.She sees footprints on the sand and decides to follow them.Luv and Kush manage to escape.The kidnappers follow them.Naira finds Luv and asks the kidnappers to stay away.She gives him her mobile and asks him to run towards the temple. He goes and meets Karthik and tells him that Naira and Kush are missing.

Naira finds Kush. Karthik comes there and beats the kidnappers.Police comes there and arrests them.Luv asks who called the police. Kush tells them that he called them. Karthik and Naira scold them for coming alone to meet them. Luv says they were missing them terribly.Karthik gets upset. Naira asks if he also thinks that all this happened because of her. He doesn’t say anything.

Goenkas comes to Karthik’s house to meet Luv and Kush.Surekha blames Naira for everyhting. Luv asks her not to accuse her as she had refused them to come alone but they didn’t obey.Karthik says Naira is not irresponsible and tells them that it was her only who found them out.

Surekha says she wants to take them to the hospital. Luv and Kush insist on staying with them. Karthik convinces them to go to the hospital and promises that they will come back to meet them.

Dadi gives Naira her bangle as shagun.Naira and Karthik take her blessings. She cries thinking about the condition he is living in.Kirti tells Karthik that the kids are fine.She asks if Naira is fine. He tells her that he should have taken this decision of moving in another house long back.He says his family still blames Naira for everyhting. Kirti asks her not to think about all this and instead focus on Naira.

He decorates their bedroom and gives her a present.He apologizes to her and tries to get intimate with her but she resists.He asks if she is fine.He says he will not come close to her until she is ready. Surekha tells the family that the media is coming to cover the Gangor’s event.Manish asks her to refuse them to come this time as Karthik and Naira won’t be in the house. Suvarna says they should invite them.


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