Sonu Nigam’s Tweets Have Created Troubles For Sonu Sood! Here’s How People Are Trolling Him!

Sonu Sood, the famous actor is getting that “Snapdeal” feeling ! Yesterday, amidst the “Snapchat” controversy, people started giving poor ratings to “Snapdeal” app because they were confused with the name and today, they decided to do something similar with Sonu Sood too. He had to bear the brunt of Sonu Nigam’s controversial tweets against Azaan.

This morning, Sonu Nigam tweeted about how disappointed he was with the early morning sound of the Azaan; he said that such forced religiousness shouldn’t be prevalent in our country. Since he tweeted about a sensitive matter i.e. “Religion”, harsh tweets were bound to pour in.

The singer received backlash for his opinion; however, some thought of having fun and started trolling Sonu Sood instead. Yes, users termed Sonu Sood as today’s Snapdeal and had a blast on Twitter.

Check out these hilarious tweets…

Wrong number!

Will people unfollow Sonu Sood?

Poor Sonu Sood didn’t understand as to why his name was being dragged unnecessarily; since he had no clue whatsoever, he tweeted and asked people what’s going on. Here’s his tweet…

It read, “I am still wondering WHO said WHAT n to WHOM 🤔🤔 n WHO’S asking me to find out WHAT happened WHERE 🤔🤔🤔”

As soon as people saw his tweet, they enjoyed even more by giving him funny answers.

Raita failaya hai!

Khaya peeya kuch nahi glass toda baarah aana!

Poor guy Sonu Sood!

Kya ho raha India mein?



Social media is really powerful; they can do any and everything with celebrities. Sonu Sood didn’t have any idea as to why people are trolling him, but I am sure he must have understood the same with their witty replies.

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