Man Sued Railways For Not Being Able To Use Toilet For 1.5 Hours! Got 30k Compensation

Indian Railways has brought about a considerable improvement in the services these days; Suresh Prabhu ensures that the commuters have a safe and comfortable travel always.

However, 7 years back, this man had filed a case against Indian Railways and had dragged them to the consumer court. Reason? Because he and his wife couldn’t use the toilet for 1.5 hours i.e. 90 minutes. Now, after 7 years, he has finally won the case and has got a compensation of Rs 30,000.

We are talking about Dev Kant, who also happens to be a deputy legal advisor in the ministry of law and justice; he sued the Railways for physical pressure and mental stress caused to him and his family. Dev faced this issue in 2009 while travelling from Amritsar to New Delhi with his wife and 2 children.

In his complaint, Dev Kant stated that at Ludhiana station, a huge crowd got into the train and occupied vacant seats by force.

Since the seats were full, some passengers sat down on the floors, thereby blocking all those passages connecting to the washrooms. For 90 minutes, the family couldn’t use the loo, which is why they decided to lodge a complaint.

The family holds the Railways responsible for this ruckus; Dev tried to complain to the TTE also but he didn’t pay attention to his problem.

Those passengers got down at Ambala station but this didn’t stop Dev Kant from taking action. A statement released by the forum read,

“All the unauthorised persons who boarded the train in the large number naturally caused discomfort, harassment and mental agony to the passengers who were travelling on the valid ticket to travel in the reserved coach and the railway officials failed to prevent the entry that amounts to the deficiency in the service on the part of the railway.”

Indian Railways stated that the family was trying to extort money from them; however, they had no option but to pay the Rs 30,000 as compensation. Have you faced such troubles while traveling in train? Share your views in our comments section below.

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