Mumbai Food: Here"s why you should try out these new menus

Supper for little ones
9 am onwards If your kids are fussy eaters, what better than a menu that caters specifically to them? Let your little one pick ingredients and make a DIY salad. They can have fun creating piccolo (little) pizzas, and tuck into sandwiches such as Grilled Stretchy Cheese, and Peanut Butter Jam+Jelly Caterpillar. For dessert, they can enjoy the Swiss Roll Pancakes.
At: All Smoke House Deli outlets.
Call: 24933222 (Lower Parel)

Healthy delicacies
12 pm to 12 am Savour a new diabetic-friendly menu featuring healthy, nutrition-packed dishes. Try the Buttermilk and Black Bean Soup, Curried Quinoa Salad with Vegetables, and desserts like Sour Cherry Cheesecake and Blueberry Panna Cotta.
From: April 19
At: The Sassy Spoon outlets in Bandra and Nariman. Point.
Call: 61054556 (Bandra)

All about mango
8 am onwards Try a special menu featuring the king of fruits. Opt for stacks of Fresh Mango Waffles or the more decadent Mango Nutella Waffles, or even a classic Mango with Cream. If you prefer the fruit in a drink, sip on a Mango Chocolate Explosion Shake.
At: All Coffee by Di Bella outlets.
Call: 9167199555 (Bandra)


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