You All Will Thank WhatsApp For This BRAND NEW Feature! Eagerly Waiting For It!

WhatsApp has always been offering us something new and happening; we keep waiting for its exciting features, isn’t it? Now, there’s some awesome piece of news for all you WhatsApp users.

Buzz is that the company is coming up with a new feature and it’ll make you jump with joy; in fact, you will thank WhatsApp for it.

Reports say that as part of a new beta update, the company is going to launch a feature which will let you “Edit”, or “Unsend” the already sent messages. Earlier, this feature was present on iPhone beta version and now, it will expand to WhatsApp web (Browser version).

With this feature, users can revoke or edit the messages 5 minutes after sending them. This is a part of WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 update and would be available very soon. Isn’t the feature way too helpful? Sometimes, we tend to send wrong or unwanted messages in a hurry but now, this “Unsend” or “Edit” option will save us.

Apart from this, there’s one more update related to the text formatting. According to reports, new font shortcuts would be added to WhatsApp for Android version 2.17.148. These will include shortcuts for “Strike through”, “Italics” and “Bold”.

This update will rule out the need to type the text between asterisks and underscores for making it bold and italic.
As of now, there’s no surety as to when these updates will be publicly rolled out. We want it as soon as possible!

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