This three-week fest in Mumbai offers an armchair escape to Spain

Saxophonist Deva Alchi and guitarist Roberto Daiqui, flown in from Spain, set the mood for sundowners
Saxophonist Deva Alchi and guitarist Roberto Daiqui, flown in from Spain, set the mood for sundowners

Shedding its usual white garb, Asilo, the rooftop lounge in Lower Parel, entices us with floral arrangements that smell of spring, walls splashed with bright yellow and orange, and table mats with vibrant geometric prints. The change is for a three-week fiesta, Spanish Escape, which marks the third edition of Getaway Series, focusing on region-specific experiences.

While the setting, with a panoramic view of the city, is perfect for an Ibiza-style sundowner, what accentuates it is live music by saxophonist Deva Alchi, coupled with acoustic guitar riffs from his companion Roberto Daiqui. The duo has flown down from Spain especially for the fest. Their notes blend with a Flamenco-esque track playing in the background and we’re instantly teleported to a quaint Spanish seaside town, along with the food, that is.

A refreshing Tanqueray Thyme cocktail. Pics/Suresh Karkera
A refreshing Tanqueray Thyme cocktail. Pics/Suresh Karkera

Curated by chef Cyrus Irani, the menu offers a host of vegetarian and non-vegetarian tapas (served individually or as a platter). For mains, dig into paella, the country’s unofficial national dish, and end with churros served with tequila-laced chocolate sauce. The bar stocks a range of Spanish wines and cocktails. “The idea was to offer an authentic street-style Spanish food experience. Since I have worked in cruises liners earlier, I am familiar with Spanish flavours. We’ve also sourced ingredients from Spain,” informs Irani.

From April 17 to
May 7, 5 pm to 1 am
At 40th floor, The St Regis Hotel, Lower Parel.
Call 61628031

Our picks

Binge on spanish olives: A part of the vegetarian tapas platter (Rs 1,195), Champaigne Marinated Camembert Cheese, Almond Stuffed Spanish Olives And Tangerine Stewed Olives are a medley of tangy-sweet flavours. “Since Kalamata olives are too sour, we imported Spanish olives, which are stuffed with confit garlic and almonds,” informs Irani.

Thumb-sized wonders: The Andalusian Lamb Sliders (Rs 895) explode with zesty and spicy flavours emerging from pulled lamb and shallots pickled with saffron, sourced from Andalusia, a southern coastal region in Spain.

Say cheese: A street staple across Spain, Smoked Ham And Manchego Croquette Bites (Rs 795) are filled with the gooey Manchego cheese from La Mancha, adding a luxurious creamy texture to slightly charred bits of ham.

Rave over Paella: Cooked using a combination of grill and oven and served in a cast iron skillet, which helps retain the heat longer, Paella Valencia (Rs 995) is a heavenly mix of char-grilled flavours as plump grains of rice combine with lobster, prawns, firm edamame beans and bits of Spanish chorizo, with a more subtle taste than the Goan version.


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