Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok creates new troubles for Adi but will it cost Chandan his life?

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) brings home Abhay, who has been stalking, Aaliyah. Any upset Mani and Shagun march forward to get him out of the house. Abhay apologizes to Mani and tells him that he did not kill Malini, his sister. He further says that he just wants to meet his daughter. Ishita asks Mani to forgive him and let him meet his daughter. When Mani and Shagun resist, Ishita asks Aaliyah to make the decision whether she wants to meet her father and accept him. Aaliyah says she doesn’t know him and that he is not her father. Aaliyah further adds that only Shagun and Mani are her parents. Abhay  says he’s grateful to Mani for taking such good care of his daughter. He apologizes to Aaliyah and leaves the place. A tearful Aaliyah hugs Mani. Ashok ruins Adi’s project by cutting off the power supply in the factory.

The ladies in the Bhalla house are planning mehendi designs for each other and Aaliyah. There is a major power cut in the factory and Adi is flipping out. They see how someone has cut off all the wires. However, one employee assures everyone that he has called an electrician and that everything will be alright. Meanwhile, Ishita calls him up asking him how everything is going. She tries to talk to him about the incident at Aaliyah’s place but a frustrated Adi tells her he’ll call back later. The only electrician who can fix the problem is Chandan. However, it’s Chandan’s wedding so the workers are against it. Aaliyah wants to talk to Adi about the incident but he doesn’t pick the call. Meanwhile, Adi is cajoling Chandan to help him out. He wants him to fix the meter. He says he’ll pay any amount for this. To this, Chandan tells him that his fiance wants to go to Vaishno Devi and if he can fix the trip.

Mr Khatyal calls up Adi and inquires about the work and says that he received a call from someone who told him that the delivery won’t happen on time. At that very moment, Ashok appears. So Adi taunts him while he assures Khatyal that everything is going fine and that the delivery will take place on time. Adi guesses that the wires have been cut by Ashok. To this he tries to provoke Adi again by telling him that he taught his father a lesson quite a lot of times. He keeps calling him a kid all the time. He further states that unless and until the order isn’t delivered, to not brag. Adi gives a befitting reply and tells him to leave the premise. Ashok guesses that maybe its because Chandan has agreed to fix the wires.

In the next episode we’ll see that thanks to Ashok’s shenanigans, Chandan undergoes a shock while fixing the wires. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates.


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