"Star Wars" author harassed on train: "Terrified for my life"

Los Angeles: “Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon” (Short Story) writer Delilah Dawson, in a series of tweet, shared a harrowing experience she had on the Atlanta MARTA train.

Dawson said she was sharing the story to help herself process it, but also to remind her followers that “this is what women face every day,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was riding north from the airport to the Sandy Springs station. Guy got on my car at Dunwoody station. Sat right behind me… Started with the usual harassment patter. “Hey, baby. You’re looking good. I like your tattoos.” So I said “Nope,” got up, sat in new seat…

She said the “only other people on the car were two women older than me and a sleeping guy in his 60s” and none of them “said/did anything”.

“And he got up and followed me, so I got up and backed away toward the door, hands up. “No thanks,” I said. “I’m marrried. He got really aggressive, backing me up…

“…The train was stopping, so I got off, hands still up. He followed, yelling, “B****, YOU WANT TO FIGHT? I DO. I’M GONNA CUT YOU. The other ladies on the train gave me apologetic looks and escaped out the other door as he followed me, repeatedly threatening to cut me.”

She said a man walked up through the crowd with his teenage daughter and told the harasser to leave Dawson alone and he started to threaten the man as well.

After the harasser went up the stairs, Dawson called the police, who walked her to her car. She said she was shaking the whole way and was afraid that she would get stabbed if she had taken her eyes off of him. “Was terrified for my life,” she said.


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