Sanjay Manjrekar Says He Didn’t Call Pollard “Brainless”! Check Out The IPL Clip & His Tweets

Last week, Sanjay Manjrekar was caught up in a controversy for his statement against Kieron Pollard. We had reported about how the commentator called him “Brainless”, after which, the cricketer took to Twitter to slam him.

If you don’t remember, here are Pollard’s tweets for you…

However, Sanjay Manjrekar has given clarifications on this matter and it seems, there’s a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. He says that he didn’t call Pollard “Brainless” and there’s a valid proof to support his explanation.

5 days after this incident, the commentator has come up with the reality. He gave an explanation that he used the word “Range” and not “Brains”. Manjrekar took to Twitter to justify himself. Check out his tweets…

The tweet read, “Said ” Does he have the range? ” Using terms like ‘no brains’ or ‘brainless’ not my style. I can be critical but never insulting.”

It read, “I would also encourage all those reacting to the Pollard issue to hear the footage & not just take my word for it.”

Even IPL’s official Twitter handle shared a video to clear this misunderstanding. In reality, Sanjay Manjrekar had said, “Does he have the range (to bat higher up the order)?’

If you still have your own doubts, you can watch the clip below…

Click here to watch the video directly on Twitter!

Here’s how people reacted after watching the video;

Terrible media reporting!

Someone demanded apology!

Enjoy cricket!

Brainless media!


Even if one word is misquoted, it is enough to spark a controversy and there could be no better example than this. Pollard had lashed out at him assuming he called him “Brainless”, but after these clarifications, what do you think would be his reaction?

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