Neha Dhupia tells 30-somethings to deal life as independent women

Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia

In so Basically, YouTube channel Blush’s new video, actress and VJ Neha Dhupia is being a trailblazer all over again — this time, she’s giving voice to the 30 plus, unmarried, childless woman, who is living life on her own terms. The video, which ends with Dhupia taking off her shirt and throwing it at the camera in a bid to attack body shamers, is a checklist of things that a woman should not care about. The 36-year-old breaks it down for us and tells us five ways to make sure you are always an independent woman.

Nothing is the end of the world
My mom said that to me and I feel it’s true now that I have grown older. When I was younger, everything and was life altering. I put on a kilo, someone dumped me, someone said something bad about me in a newspaper, i didn’t get enough likes on a photo — my life came crashing down. But now I know, really, nothing is the end of the world. Be comfortable and happy, and everything can be dealt with humour.

Try marriage once
My attitude towards marriage is that I should try it once in my life. But, only when I meet the right person, not because I am being pressured into it. It’s like taking a plunge into the deep end of the ocean, that’s why it’s called taking the plunge. When I was younger, yes, I felt the pressure. But then later, you start living for yourself. That’s what freedom is to me. I play the game with myself and sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.

Don’t be into one-upmanship
I don’t like bashing men, because I feel women are so empowered we don’t need to. On Roadies, I always say, you are not a man and you are not a woman, you are a roadie. I would tell a man, come on, let’s go get a drink and talk about things. Let’s treat each other like equals as we both want the same things from life now.

Do it for the right reasons
I am warm and giving, and I need a companion, which I am lacking right now. But the top three reasons why I want a man is not because I want kids. But yes, it’s in my top 10 list. But it’s entirely up you. Don’t do anything for the wrong reasons.

Start being a goddess again
I think Indian women still struggle with being happy with their bodies as we have all curves. More than being comfortable with your size, you need to be confident. If you walk out saying, I am fat, people will call you fat. But if you strut it, nobody will notice. We can never be the skinny blonde walking down a Miami beach, but we can be a goddess. Size zero is a women-made phenomenon, and it’s time we shed that baggage, and start being goddesses again.


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