Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Update 
Episode starts with Shivaay and Mahi walking towards each other, commandoes come and take Mahi. Anika keeps her hand in Shivaay’s and immediately pushes him and says he is not Shivaay. Anika runs after Shivaay.

Sometime back… Kamini tries to slap Priyanka, Shivaay holds Kamini’s hand and warns Kamini to stay away from Priyanka. Shivaay orders Kamini and Ranveer to leave. Kamini and Ranveer leave. 

Priyanka hugs Shivaay. Oberoi family feels relieved. Pinky wonders where is Mahi. Mahi comes to his senses and realizes that Kamini and Ranveer must have got exposed. Mahi finds the room locked. Shivaay is against getting Mahi arrested openly as it may affect Oberoi Industry stocks. Mahi goes out from the window.

Shivaay tells the media people to enjoy the party as his sister is safe and sound. Shivaay tells his family to look after the guests as he has to take care of Mahi. Anika asks Shivaay about the plan, Shivaay shows the commandoes entering the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay shows the tracker in his suit to Anika and says one more is in Mahi’s suit which will tell Mahi’s location. Commandoes run after Mahi, Mahi hides. Shivaay tells Anika that Mahi will be taken in the backyard lawns and will be interrogated to find his truth. 

Mahi gets determined to defeat Shivaay and thinks that whoever has the tracker in suit is the fake Shivaay. Shivaay asks Anika to look after the guests and that he would go after the fake Shivaay. Anika holds Shivaay’s hand and asks him to look after himself. Shivaay holds Anika and assures her silently. Commandoes enter Shivaay’s room and check, they go out from the window. Shivaay walks in the passage, hidden Mahi eats a chewing gum and puts his tracker inside the chewing gum and throws, Shivaay steps on the chewing gum and it gets stuck to Shivaay’s shoe. 

Shivaay stops and turns, Mahi comes out and walks towards Shivaay, Commandoes come and catch Shivaay, Mahi laughs at Shivaay. Anika comes and assumes Mahi is caught and smiles. Anika gets happy, Mahi (Shivaay) praises Anika. Dadi comes and gives Prasad and tells Mahi to give it to Anika, Anika forwards her palms. Mahi holds Anika’s palms, Anika gets shocked and remembers Shivaay’s touch. Anika pushes away Mahi’s hands and tells Shivaay, he is not Shivaay. Anika runs after Shivaay, Mahi gets angry. Mahi decides to stop Anika as she can ruin his plan. 

Mahi runs after Anika. As commandoes are taking Shivaay, Anika runs after him. Shivaay stops the commandoes and stands in front of them. Commandoes try to catch Shivaay and refuse to believe that he is Shivaay. Anika comes and covers Shivaay and says this is Shivaay and the duplicate one is inside. Mahi comes and says why the duplicate is not caught, Mahi says whoever doesn’t have tracker is Shivaay. Oberoi family gathers, Shivaay and Mahi fight over who is real Shivaay. Shivaay finally convinces that he is Shivaay, Mahi runs, Commandoes run after him. 

Shivaay runs after them, Anika stops him. Oberoi family holds Shivaay. Kamini looks at Shivaay from a hideout, Shivaay looks at far standing Anika, Shivaay calls Anika. Kamini decides to kill Shivaay, Anika sees Kamini with a gun and gets shocked. As Kamini raises the gun to Shivaay, Anika watches with shock.


Anika screams Shivaay’s name and runs towards Shivaay. Anika gets shot, Shivaay screams Anika’s name.


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