Chandra Nandini 21st April 2017 – Full Episode

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Chandra Nandini 21st April 2017 written episode

Malay gets Gautami to Nand and says that she saved Bindusar from being kidnapped. Gautami’s baby is taken away from her and Nand tells her why she din’t tell her about her grandson. Gautami’s says she will never let her son become a killer like his grandfather.

Nand takes the child and saya he is the successor of Nand dynasty. Helena confronts Nandini and tells her that she will go with them to Magadh as Bindusar’s Nanny and not as a queen. Helena says that she will no longer be Nandini and will be called Chandrika. Helena instructs Nandini that she will have to be under a veil at all times and will have to remain dressed as a servant. Nandini remembers Gautami’s words against Helena. Nand says that she is ready to come to Magadh and she will be a protective shield of Bindusar.

Everyone in the Magadh palace prepares to welcome back Bindusar and Chandra. Chandra and the rest enter the palace and get a warm welcome. Dadi asks for Bindusar and Nandini appears there in a veil with Bindusar in her arms. Helena introduces Chandrika as Bindusar’s nanny and says she will stay with them from now on. Helena says that Chandrika cannot talk and will always be in a veil. Moora does aarti of Nandini and Bindsura and Nandini thinks she is back in her birthplace from where she was thrown out with false allegations.  Chandra tries to put Bindusar to sleep with his stories.

Nandini comes there and taunts Chandra not to scare Bindusar with his scary stories.  Chandra taunts Nandini to tell Bindusar a story as she is a master storyteller. Helena tells her mother that she lowered Nandini’s post and made her a nanny.  Helena reveals that Nandini is Bindusar’s nanny. Helena’s mother scolds Helena for making such a big mistake by bringing Nandini back. Helena assures her that Chandra hates Nandini but Helena’s mother says that the hatred will turn into love anytime. Helena’s mother fears Chandra will come to know that they have killed Durdhara.  Helena asks her mother why she is so upset. 
Helena’s mother says that something really bad happened in her absence. Nandini puts a blanket on Chandra while he sleeps and later she plays with Bindusar. Nandini sees her anklet and thinks about the past. Nandini also sees her picture and wonders why her thinks are in Chandra’s room. Helena asks her mother why she gave away the royal stamp to Chanakya. Helena’s mother says that Chanakya has come to know that they were involved in Roopa and Sunanda’s conspiracy. Flashback shows that 
Sunanda comes to meet Helena’s mother and asks her for a price to keep her secret. Flashback ends. Helena’s mother says that Chanakya was following her and saw her. Helena’s mother says that Chanakya does not know about Helena’s involvement in this.  Nandini does massage for Bindusar and Moora and dadi comes there. Dadi talks about Nandini and Moora asks her not to take her name as she is a killer. Nandini feels bad hearing this. Moora and Dadi are both happy to see the strong bond between Chandrika and Bindusar.

Precap: Nandini puts a special paste of Dadi’s foot for a foot pain and Dadi gets shocked. Chanakya accuses Helena’s mother of conspiracy in front of Chandra. Nandini falls in Chandra’s arms in the royal bath.


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