Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 19th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil 19th April 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the man asking Naina why is she standing here. Naina says I was getting gas smell from Renu’s house. He says I don’t get any smell. She says I think we should break door and go inside to check. He says no, I have extra keys, I will get it. Harjeet asks Dadi why are you asking me. Dadi says you asked for hammer in morning, servant told me, tell me is this true or lie. Harjeet says when you know everything, why are you asking me, I don’t have habit to stay in such cheap house, do you mean I planned to make Naina fall. Pam says no, Dadi did not mean it. 
Harjeet says I won’t stay here now, I will answer Dadi, I got Veer’s painting by a famous painter, I wanted to hang it here, I wanted someone to pay tribute to him, you forgot your children, Sudha is still
mourning, you are doing a bad joke with her, and you are spying about nail and hammer. Dadi says you spoke a lot. Harjeet says I thought this family is mine, I did not know I can’t keep relations with those who don’t respect relations.

Dadi says I respect relations, I did not blame you. Harjeet argues with her. She gets angry. Pam says Dadi says whatever is there in her heart, forgive her. Dadi says why shall I stop anyone or ask to leave. Harjeet leaves. Pam asks Dadi to stop Harjeet. Dadi sits. Pam and Sudha request Dadi to stop Harjeet and keep her happy.

Dadi asks will you teach me now, I don’t care for anyone, I care for Raghav’s child, I asked simple question, she got worried and left. Pam says she won’t hear your taunts. Dadi says you stay here and listen the taunts, you can also leave if you want, I heard Harjeet’s house is big. She goes. Pam and Sudha get angry on Dadi. Pam says if Ira’s relation breaks, see what I do.

Naina and the neighbor enter the house. She asks him to check kitchen, she will open windows. She checks the things and sees some frame. Raghav calls her. Naina comes home. He worriedly argues with her. She asks what work did you have, I asked Pandey to call me if you go office. She says I went to Renu’s house. He asks what did you find there, tell me.

She asks him to sit calm, its strange, I got your photo there, there was no one at home, maybe her mum left. He gets shocked. She asks what was your photo doing there, it can’t be a coincidence. He says it can be, I was SRK fan and had his pics in my home. She laughs and sees his face. She asks do you think you look like SRK, did you see your face. He says I m youngest millionaire, I m idol for youngsters, they want to become like me, maybe Renu kept my picture from newspaper cutting. She says maybe, but this is a photo.

Pam and Ira come and argue. Raghav asks what happened. Pam says Dadi argues with Harjeet and became enemy of this relation again, Harjeet left from here, you both wanted this, you ruined Sudha’s life and now got after Ira, what did Naina tell Dadi now. She requests them not to come in between Ira’s proposal else… Raghav asks else what, you will leave home. Ira says see he does not care. Naina says Raghav will not let anything happen to Ira, I m sure there is some reason behind Dadi’s doings, I will talk to Dadi and apologize to Harjeet. Ira says I beg of you, just stop it.

Pam says I don’t want this relation to break. Naina says it won’t break, we both will apologize. Pam goes. Raghav asks why will we apologize. Naina says why not, Ira is your sister. She says I will find out about this photo. Khurana talks to Ahana’s photo and says you don’t care for me, you left me, since you went, I had a hope about our child, don’t know why I m not able to find that woman, I m alive, I want to find my child, where shall I find her, Raghav loves his child and Naina a lot, why are you punishing me, don’t you pity me. Raghav comes and hears him. He asks him to come along and talk. Pam and Ira get Naina along and meet Harjeet. Harjeet taunts them. Naina apologizes and says we respect you a lot, Dadi stays tensed, she is lost in her sorrow. Raghav and Khurana drink.

Raghav says friendship is good, it involves drinks. Raghav forwards hand. Khurana gets sanitizer. They hug. Raghav says I had all family members, but got a friend now. Khurana says I have a brother, but I got a bro now. They ask each other’s story. Harjeet says we have to forget something to keep relations, I want to make Ira my bahu, Dadi is elder, so I won’t feel bad, relation is unbreakable. Pam congratulates Ira. Harjeet says Naina came here for the first time, how can I refuse her, when I see Naina, I think of my bahu Ahana, she was so beautiful. Naina gets shocked seeing Ahana’s pic.

Naina argues with Raghav on the way home. 


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