Jessica Chastain shot with real animals for "The Zookeeper"s Wife"

Jessica Chastain in a still from ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’

Much has been spoken about Jessica Chastain’s dedication when it comes to her work. The Academy Award nominee has been basking in the glory of the success of her movie ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’, but not to forget the hard work the talented actress put in the making. As we know, the movie is based in a Zoo in Warsaw, it required lot of animal cast to look like an active Zoo.

While CGI would have been the easy way out, director Niki Caro insisted on shooting with real animals. The special effects and CGI were kept to the lowest to mesmerize the screen with authentic reality and tenderness of animals.

Utilization the special effects was only for the disturbing or dangerous scenes involving animals, including the images of fatalities. And considering Jessica played the role of Antonina Zabinski, the wife of Zookeeper, it was must for her to have interaction with all sorts of animals which included big cats and cubs, zebras, monkeys, camels elephants, wolves, bison, horses, pigs birds of prey, parrots and yet more species. The actress confides,

“Animals are very therapeutic. By caring for them on the set, I wasn’t wallowing in my own exhaustion!”

On the sets, expert supervision of the animals was done by the professional handlers who work professionally with films as well as private animal handlers. Not only that, the veterinarians were embedded with the production 24 hours a day. Special periodic costumes were created for the handlers so that they can accompany them on-set for their ease on screen. Also an idyllic temporary home was created for the animals, one that also reflected the style of a 1930s zoo.

The Zookeeper’s Wife is releasing in India on April 21, 2017 in theaters near you!


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