Truth Revealed! Muslim Leader Who Challenged Fatwa Isn’t An “Imam” Or “Maulvi”

Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi created a stir by announcing a reward of Rs 10 lakhs for shaving off Sonu’s head. Media houses covered all possible news about him and portrayed him as a religious authority i.e. a “Maulvi” or an “Imam”. Check out these headlines and see what media is showing us.

Basically, Sonu Nigam’s comments were a matter of social media debates, but Maulvi hyped it further by throwing a challenge. He infuriated Sonu to such an extent that he actually got bald.

Now, the truth of the self proclaimed “Maulvi” is out; reports say that he is not a religious authority at all.

Yes, you heard it right; Muslim leaders claim that he hardly has any influence in that area and the challenge cannot be termed as “Fatwa” since he’s not a religious authority or an Islamic scholar.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, an Islamic leader said that,

“The media is wrongly portraying him as cleric, maulana and maulavi. We fail to understand why the media ended up giving so much importance on what he said.”

Quaderi has self declared himself as a descendant of Prophet Mohammad and has printed the same on his visiting card as well. In short, Quaderi has no authority to issue Fatwa; when asked about it, he once again changed his words and said that he didn’t issue “Fatwa” but announced a “Reward”.

It is surprising to see how media is giving so much importance to “Dhongi Babas”. He tried to hype this controversy and got 100 percent support from journalists, who brought his thoughts forward. Instead of letting everyone know his truth, media gave undue importance to every sentence of his.

When will journalists learn to do proper reporting? Don’t they understand that some people do these things just for the sake of getting some publicity? What do you have to say about this? Share your views in our comments section below.

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