Guy Wanted To Stop GF From Going On Trip! Sends Fake Hijack Email & Gets Arrested!

Nowadays, incidents of airports getting fake hijack or bomb threats have increased in number. We have seen many such cases wherein people fool the security at airport, which in turn leads to flight delays.

One more incident has come to light and this time, a 32 year old guy from Hyderabad Vamshi, has landed in deep mess for reportedly confusing the Mumbai police by sending a fake hijack threat on 15th of April. Yes, he mailed the Mumbai police about this fake hijack, which they thought to be real. Tight security measures were implemented post this. Later when the officials came to know that it was just a hoax, they arrested Vamshi immediately.

You’ll be surprised to know the reason behind sending this email!

Vamshi, who happens to be a businessman wanted to stop his GF from going on a trip to Mumbai and Goa. Well, Vamshi is already married; he got too close to this girl (From Chennai) on Facebook and they used to chat for hours daily. One fine day, she persuaded him for going on a trip to Mumbai and Goa; even though he refused, she wasn’t in a mood to listen.

A police official said,

“She pestered Vamshi to book a flight for her to Mumbai on April 16 and asked him to meet her there.”

Since Vamshi couldn’t afford the trip, he thought of creating a fake ticket and sending it across. Yes, he sent her a fake ticket from Chennai to Mumbai via email.

After sending her the email, he went to a cyber café in S.R Nagar, created a fake email ID (With the name of a woman) and sent an email to Mumbai police about the possible hijack.

Talking about that email, officials said,

“The e-mail sent by the unidentified woman claimed that a group of 23 people were going to hijack aircraft from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports. What she had heard could be true or untrue, but she chose to inform the authorities as she felt it was her duty to do so as a citizen. The e-mail ended with a line that read, ‘Don’t try to find me because you won’t be able to’.”

He did all this just for one thing i.e. to stop his GF from reaching the airport; Vamshi feared that if she reaches the airport, he would be exposed.

However, after receiving the email, the IP address of that cyber café was traced and Vamshi was arrested. Currently, investigation is going on.

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