Chandra Nandini: Chandrika’s identity is revealed in front of dadi

Chandra Nandini starts with Chandra(Rajat Tokas) having a bath and Nandini(Shweta Basu Prasad)  being there. When Nandini tries to go away, she slips and falls into Chandra’s arms. This makes them both go into a flashback when Chandra enters the bath while Nandini was already in there. Also, hom embracing her in the water and Nandini helping him with the bath.  Nandini then takes away Bindusara.

Nandini is pressing dadi’s feet when she says that for a moment it felt like it was Nandini and not Chandrika.

Helena goes to Chandra’s room and finds Nandini sleeping on his bed with Bindusara. Chandra arrives there and says she might have slept there while taking care of Bindusara. Chanakya arrives there and they both try to hide Nandini by waking her up. Helena  asks Chandra to let Nandini live in her room from now on and he agrees.

Helena is worried about Chanakya exposing her mother and dadi doubts Chandrika to be nandini by tasting the halwa made by her. Dadi enacts being hurt making Nandini ask for her well being which gives away her identity.

Helena’s mother manipulates Chandra saying that she knew all about Rupa and meets Sunanda because she wanted to get to know about Padmanand but Chanakya disagrees and insists on punishing her

Chandra refuses to punish her and wants to give the raj mudra back to her. Nandini tells the truth to dadi saying she did not murder Durdhara to which dadi agrees. She says she always believed ber and makes her promise that she will always stay in Magadh.

Nandini tells Chandra that she did not kill Durdhara and asks him to look into her eyes and say if he can’t see the truth.



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