Warren Beatty: Film industry needs to accept streaming services

London: Hollywood legend Warren Beatty says he thinks the film industry needs to accept home video streaming.

The 80-year-old actor has seen a lot of changes in Hollywood over the years and believes the fact there is no longer a need to rely on a cinematic release to attract attention to a film has freed moviemakers from restrictions such as running time, reported Metro online.

“I think we’re on the verge of another big change, which is the acceptance of home video (streaming). With the advent of the home screen, we’re finding movies that last six hours or 15 minutes,” he says.

“So, all the necessities in storytelling are up for grabs. This will, I think, ultimately rescue us… rescue what David Lean once said to me was ‘the great near-art form of the 20th century’. It will rescue us from sequels.”


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