Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 Written Update 

Episode starts with Shivaay giving the credit of his award to Anika in the press conference. Pinky feels hurt. Anika smiles at Shivaay. Shakti tries to call some one being annoyed, Shakti feels that the limit has been crossed.

Pinky comes crying and complains about Shivaay getting close to Anka and forgetting Pinky. Shakti scolds Pinky, Pinky gets shocked and cries. Shakti tries to apologize to Pinky. Pinky screams saying Shivaay is getting away from her. Shakti explains to Pinky that Shivaay is married to Anika, it is obvious that his time and love will get distributed amid Anika and Pinky. Shivaay and Anika cry in pain while making the bed and then laugh together. Anika says both are broken and laughs.

Shivaay holds Anika’s supported hand and asks if she feeling the pain now. Pinky enters and Shivaay – Anika get disturbed. Pinky brings lep (ointment) for Shivaay and applies on Shivaay’s neck. Anika cries in pain while making the bed, Shivaay gets up and tends to Anika and scolds Anika for working. Shivaay takes the ointment from Pinky and applies on Anika’s wound, despite Anika’s hesitation. Anika notices Pinky’s pain and reminds Shivaay that Pinky got it specially for Shivaay. Shivaay says even if the ointment is used for Anika, it is one and the same.

Shivaay asks for Pinky’s approval, Pinky agrees with pain and leaves. Pinky again complains to Shakti. In the morning, Shakti reminds Shivaay about the press conference in honor of Shivaay getting the award of Businessman of the Year. Anika struggles to put Sindoor, Shivaay comes and puts Sindoor for Anika. Shivaay and Anika stare each other. Shivaay says Anika could have asked for help. Anika says since childhood, she has never taken anyone’s help and have led the life on her own. Anika says she is a strong girl and doesn’t need help. Shivaay says but everyone needs a companion, even Anika. Shiaay says Anika won’t become fat if she asks for help. Anika gets annoyed on the ‘fat’ remark. As Anika is about to call Shivaay short, Shivaay stops her, both Shivaay and Anika laugh. Anika says henceforth she will ask if she needs help, but only if Shivaay says that Anika is khidkitod beautiful. 
Anika repeats all the statement that she wants Shivaay to say to her. Shivaay refuses. Both Anika and Shivaay keep snatching the sindoor box. Anika runs with sindoor box and asks Shivaay to get it from her. Shivaay runs and catches Anika on the bed. Both feels the pain and start laughing. Sahil comes and teases Anika and Shivaay. Shivaay addresses Sahil as brother, Anika gets annoyed.


Anika and Shivaay try to prove that Sahil is close to the either. Sahil says he on nobody’s side, but both Shivika are on Sahil’s side. Anika, Shivaay, and Sahil laugh. Pinky sees from out and gets angry. Anika keeps smiling continuously, Sahil teases Anika. Sahil says such things happen in love. Sahil says even SSO is in love and must hearing the bells. Anika refuses. Sahil tells Anika that according to Shivaay, Anika and Sahil are his family. Anika gets tensed as Sahil says Shivaay is in love with her. 
Anika says it is only friendship and respect amid her and Shivaay. Anika says Shivaay will never love her as she doesn’t have  Naam, Khoon, and Khandan. Anika says she doesn’t know who is her family and her parents. Anika says, if Shivaay comes to know that Anika has been raised in an orphanage, Shivaay may break relation with her. Sahil feels that Shivaay will not be affected with Anika’s truth, Anika says she doesn’t want to have the dreams that can’t be fulfilled and that she wants to live in today as Shivaay is with her today, tomorrow is a mystery. 
In the Press Conference, a reporter asks Shivaay about the sindoor on his shirt, Shivaay smiles and tries to cover up. Shivaay gives the credit of award to a special person. Pinky gets happy and moves forward. Shivaay takes Anika’s name, Pinky gets hurt badly. Anika smiles and Shivaay gives her credit for saving his life. Anika walks towards Shivaay. Shivaay holds Anika’s hand on the podium. 


Shivaay feeds Anika, Anika gets emotional and says no one has ever fed her with love, Shivaay says everyone needs company.


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