Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel Says Snapchat Is Only For Rich People, Claims An Ex-Employee

Gone are the days when India was an undeveloped country and its citizens were not very advanced in terms of technology. At the present time, even global tech firms leave no stone unturned in wooing Indians to increase their consumer base. Can you imagine someone using ‘too poor’ for such a country where people are so excited to adapt modern technology, not only youth but people of all the age groups.


Well, we are not joking. Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel has actually made such a disgraceful remark for our nation. As per Variety, Anthony Pompliano, Snapchat’s former employee, stated that Spiegel emphasized on merely premium users in a user growth meeting which took place in the year 2015.

Pompliano claimed that Spiegel said this,

“This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Anthony sues Snapchat on the charges of misleading investors by manipulating the statistics in relation to user data. As per him, in 2015 summer, there were about 95 million active users but Snapchat showed it as 100 million active users every day.

Here’s what the lawsuit states,

“Mr. Spiegel was inexplicably enraged throughout the meeting and refused to listen to anything Mr. Pompliano said, constantly cutting him off and summarily dismissing his points.”

Snapchat hired Anthony for growing the user base of the firm; however, he observed that a growth of merely 1 to 4% was seen in the last few quarters and due to ‘poor performance’, Snapchat sacked him later.


In recent times, Snpachat has been surpassed by Instagram stories, a new feature introduced in August 2016, as far as number of daily users is concerned.

What do you have to say over this? Do you think that Indians should boycott Snapchat to show its CEO our strength? Share your views in this connection in the comments section below.


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