We Asked Hindus In Sonu Nigam’s Area If They Had Problem With Azaan! Reactions Will Stop Controversies

Sonu Nigam’s comments over Azaan divided the internet users; one set of people thrashed him for his insensitive words while the other set did everything possible to support him.

Some gave lectures on “Religion” and wrote long posts about how one must show “Respect”. We have always read that Hindus and Muslims are always against each other, but is this actually true?

To find out the truth, RVCJ conducted a social experiment and asked Hindus and Muslims to comment on “Azaan” and “Aarti”.

We went to Sonu Nigam’s locality and contacted some Hindus to check their reactions on banning morning Azaan. We were of the opinion that majority of them would totally support the ban, but their reactions were indeed priceless. Same was the case with Muslims when they were asked to give their views on morning Aarti.

The way they reacted made us forget that “Hindus” and “Muslims” are 2 different terms; we were awestruck to see the love for each other’s religion.

Check out this video & you’ll realize how Hindus and Muslims are brothers!

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It is not the people who create a rift in religions, but it is the media that plays a major role in it. Weren’t the reactions heartwarming? Share your views with us in our comments section below.

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