Sonu Nigam’s neighbour Shraddha Das tells a different story on Azaan controversy

Recently, singer Sonu Nigam made a statement on Twitter against the use of loudspeakers for ‘azaan’, the call to prayer in mosques.

However, though his intentions may have been in the right place, as he later confessed he just want to ban the use of loudspeakers, the choice of words he used to lead to a lot of a debate whether he was targeting just one community. A maulavi in Bengal even offered Rs 10 lacs to anyone who would shave off Sonu Nigam’s head, which Sonu himself obliged and shaved off his head in the presence of the media.

Bollywood stands divided in this entire controversy. However, the latest one to speak up on this is actress Shraddha Das. Shraddha, who lives in the same vicinity with Sonu in Versova, took to Facebook and wrote that she has never heard Azaan in the morning.

Shraddha wrote, “I live right next to him, but strangely I have never heard the azaan in the morning at my place. It is hardly audible. I hear he just shaved his head and for the first time there is so much traffic outside our homes.”

Shraddha later deleted the post to avoid controversy.


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