Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira goes to Goenka house but without Karthik

Kirti tries calling Aditya. All the guests start asking for Naira. Karthik comes back home and gets shocked not to find her anywhere in the house. Naira (Shivangi Joshi) comes to Goenka house for Gungor. Everyone gets happy to see her. Karthik reads Naira’s letter and gets to know that she has gone to Goenka house. Naira goes and takes everyone’s blessings.

Luv asks how did she come from inside. Naira lies to the guests that Karthik (Mohsin Khan) and she had gone to a temple. Mishti asks about Karthik. The Goenkas get worried. Suvarna says he will come soon. Karthik looks at his phone and sherwani but decides not to go. Suvarna gives puja ki thaal to Naira. She asks if she got her thaal made before itself. Suvarna says she knew that she will come. She asks about Karthik. Naira doesn’t say anything and leaves. Suvarna prays to god that Naira’s decision of entering Goenka house doesn’t affect her relation with Karthik.

Naira greets her parents. Dadi asks Naira to begin the puja. She asks Kirti where did she come from. Kirti tells her that she came from the back door. She tells Dadi that Suvarna was right in trusting Naira. Dadi says that she is wrong in thinking that she has come for her. She tells them that she is just concerned about her own family and she has just come her for them. She asks Kirti to also think about her family and not bring shame to them by not inviting her husband.

Naira performs the rituals with all the other ladies. She asks Dadi to not misunderstand her. She asks her to focus on Karthik because if he doesn’t come then there will be no use of her coming here. Naira hopes Karthik to come. Naksh sees Manish and Akhilesh talking to each other and get suspicious.

The lawyer asks Akhilesh to confess his crime in front of the Singhanias and ask them to take the case back. He gets worried. Aditya comes and tells Dadi that his wife might not have invited him but he loves her a lot. Naira eagerly waits for Karthik.


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